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Baby's little upsets

Baby is always hungry

Feeds are quicker and more frequent. Greedy baby.

What can be done? 

Regulate your baby's appetite without increasing the amount of milk, or the number of bottles. Use a hungry milk that contains slow carbohydrates and allows digestion to occur over time.

Don't forget! 

Allow 2 to 3 hours between each bottle. When your baby calls you by crying, this is not necessarily due to hunger; perhaps all he/she wants is to be changed, or he/she has woken up and wants you or wants to smile at you. Drinking spring water, especially in warm weather, is an essential and calorie-free way of satisfying your baby.

If this is not enough

If a hungry milk is not enough to satisfy your baby, you can add infant cereals to a bottle. They are a source of slow carbohydrates and thicken milk. Infant cereals can be used from 4 months onwards on the advice of a health professional. They must be gluten-free (protein found in wheat, barley, oats and rye) due to the risk of allergy. Use cereals with no added sugar. Always add them gradually, in order to achieve the desired texture and which will satisfy your baby's hunger.

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