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Bathing baby

Bath time is an ideal time for closeness between baby and parents. In the morning or evening, avoid bathing a baby just after a meal so as not to affect digestion. A bath calms and tires a baby, if bathed in the evening, it will encourage sleep. 

Bath water should ideally be around 37°C and room temperature between 22 and 24°C.  To put a baby in the bath, hold the baby with one hand whilst supporting its head and neck with your forearm. Whilst bathing, keep a hand constantly under its neck. Use products especially designed for babies, pH neutral, so as not to irritate skin or eyes.

When taking your baby out of the water, dry your baby quickly so that they don't catch cold. When completely dry, moisturise its skin.

Note: During the first few weeks of a baby's life, a bath must not be for more than 10 minutes. When he/she is older, you can leave him/her in the water for a bit longer.


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