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Between 0 and 6 months

Cognitive development

From birth, a baby has certain reflexes, especially the need to suck and the grasping reflex. Sucking is a natural, innate requirement in infants. Sucking helps babies to be reassured and sleep. 

The grasping reflex only appears during the first few months of the baby's life, a baby bends fingers when an object is placed in its hand. 

At birth, a baby has weak muscle tone and cannot support its head. This is why the head must be supported during the first few months. 

About 4 months, the baby can lift up its head when it is lying down on its stomach, he/she starts to change position him or herself, on the back, he/she can roll on to its side. Finally, he/she can turn its head in the direction of an object. 

About 5-6 months, the baby can hold a toy between its fingers and hold on to its feet.

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