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Breastfeeding allows you to be really intimate and close to your baby. Your milk, as well as ensuring ideal growth for your child, limits the risk of allergy and protects from infection.

From a nutrition perspective, at the start of a feed the milk is mainly water to rehydrate the baby and quench thirst. If the baby is thirsty, he/she will not feed for very long. If the baby is hungry, it will continue to feed, milk becomes richer in carbohydrates and fats to feed it and satisfy hunger.

Breastfeeding will help you to get your figure back as fat stored during pregnancy is used for breastfeeding. It is however important to continue a balanced and varied diet which you had during pregnancy.

Combined breastfeeding can affect breastfeeding and it is difficult to revoke a decision not to breastfeed. The economic impact of switching from breastfeeding to formula feeding must be considered.

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