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Physiolac Precision

Physiolac Precision is a new generation of infant milks which are much more similar to breast milk.

Physiolac Precision infant milks are developed from a mixture of patented* and unique vegetable oils, resulting from scientific research, called INFAT®.

These vegetable oils offer a closer resemblance to the fat content of milk and thus offers optimal nutritional quality** for the infant.

This milk has been formulated to meet the baby’s daily nutritional needs** when everything goes well and also to avoid the appearance of minor digestive disorders (constipation, colic, difficult digestion, etc.).

Manufactured in France, from milk from French farms.
Important notice: Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby.
In addition to milk, water is the only essential drink www.mangerbouger.fr

* EP Patent no. 1,681,945.  EP Patent No. 2,563,167.
** In accordance with the regulations

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