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Physiolac Bio cereals from 4 months

Infant Physiolac Bio gluten free cereals are the first elements of food diversification, developed for a progressive adaptation to a varied diet. They are instantaneous and do not require cooking.
Physiolac Bio Cereals are recommended for infants from 4 months** when the infant:

  • is insatiable despite the use of a thickened formula milk,
  • does not go through the night,
  • is tired of infant milk and refuses the fluid milk bottle,
  • has a low weight,
  • starts food diversification.

Physiolac Bio Cereals mainly consist of BIO cereals flour: rice, millet and quinoa. These 3 sources of perfectly digestible carbohydrates, allow you to gently commence food diversification.

Naturally gluten free, without added sugars, with a natural taste, they are added to expressed breast milk or infant milk corresponding to the child’s age.

Physiolac Bio Cereals can be used on the advice of your pharmacist or doctor from 4 months.

A Bio quality certified AB offers you:

  • Products with a natural preserved flavour (harvested when ripe, limited transport, etc.)
  • An ecological commitment (crop rotation according to the soil and geography, restricted and very regulated use of phytosanitary products, etc.)
  • A very careful selection of ingredients (origin, variety, etc.)

*from organic farming.

**unless your doctor or pharmacist advises otherwise, or a professional in the field of mother and child healthcare.


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