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My baby likes organic food

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My baby likes organic food

Common during the first year, regurgitations are mainly due to the baby’s still immature digestive system. Infant milk Physiolac Bio AR 2, developed by infant nutrition professionals, has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs* of infants and the digestive immaturity of the infants during regurgitations.

Thanks to its formula, which contains carob and starch bio thickens in the stomach, Physiolac Bio AR 2 helps to reduce regurgitations. Physiolac Bio AR 2 is prepared as easily as conventional milk and remains fluid in the bottle.

Using a special thick liquid teat is recommended.

Physiolac Bio AR 2 does not contain palm oil to protect the environment.

A BIO quality certified AB, offers you:

  • Products with a natural preserved flavour (harvested when ripe, limited transport, etc.)
  • The organic nature of the products (animal welfare and respect for their life cycle, organic animal feed, crop rotation, cultures according to the soil and the geography, restricted use and very regulated plant-health and veterinary products, etc.)
  • The selection of breeds (adapted to the environment and conditions)

Our advice to reduce your baby’s regurgitations

  • Calm and gentleness during meals are recommended.
  • Avoid feedings that are too fast.
  • Try to split meals to give the stomach time to stretch and the alimentary bolus to thicken.
  • Do not lay your baby down immediately after their meal.
  • Do not change your baby’s sleep position without the advice of your doctor.
  • Choose clothes that are not too tight for your baby.
  • Avoid exposing your baby to tobacco smoke which can increase refluxes.

If minor digestive problems persist, consult your doctor.

Physiolac is there for you day after day: Discover Physiolac Bio 3 Growth.
Prepared with iron bisglycinate.In accordance with the regulations and in order to meet the infant’s iron needs, Physiolac Bio AR 2 is developed with iron bisglycinate, an iron and amino acid complex. Iron is an essential element for the infant’s cognitive development.

Important notice: Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. Product to be used under medical supervision. Moving and playing is essential for your child’s development.In addition to milk, water is the only essential drink www.mangerbouger.fr

* In accordance with the regulations

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