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Suggested recipes

Suggested recipes

You can make small meals and other recipes yourself. Here are a few recipe sheets.  


  • Make Physiolac yoghurts yourself



  • 360 ml slightly mineralised water approved for bottles + 60 ml to rehydrate starter culture
  • 18 level measurings of Physiolac powdered milk
  • Starter cultures for yoghurt are available in pharmacies (for example Yalacta cultures for yoghurt)


  • A pot with a lid
  • A manual whisk
  • A salad bowl or mixing bowl
  • 6 small glass jars like creamed dessert jars; glass jars of yoghurt are not suited
    to a child's appetite.
  • A yoghurt-maker

Making the culture:

  • Put the amount of starter culture shown in the instructions into the resealable container with 60 ml of tepid water.
  • Shake well. Close the container and leave for 1 to 2 hours.

Making the yoghurt

  • Bring 150 ml water to the boil.
  • Add it to 210 ml tepid water in a mixing bowl.
  •  Gradually add 18 level measurings of powder Physiolac whilst mixing.
  •  Add 60 ml of the rehydrated culture and mix.
  •  For the mixture into the 6 glass jars and put in the yoghurt-maker.

Cooking :

  • For yoghurt with standard Physiolac milk: 8 hours cooking time
  • For AR yoghurt: 12 hours cooking time
  • When cooking has finished, seal the jars with covers or cling film and put in the fridge.
  • Keep in the fridge between 0 and 4°C and consume within 48 hours



  • Make Physiolac soups and purées  


Make soups and purées with Physiolac so that your baby reaps the benefits and all the nutrients it requires in the "home made" small meals.


  • Carefully prepare vegetables and cut them into small pieces. 
  • Steam or cook them over a low heat to preserve vitamins. 
  • Strain vegetables and keep the cooking water. 
  • Mix or crush the diced cooked vegetables in a liquidizer, depending on the required texture (smooth or lumpy/very small lumps). 
  • Add the cooking water to achieve the required consistency (soup or purée). 
  • Add 3 level measurings of Physiolac prior to serving. 
  • Consume when made. 

These recipes can be made with fruit to make milky compotes.

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