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Physiolac Little Petit Drink Fennel & Lemon Balm is a drink with plant extracts:

• for a moment of calm after meals
• can be used from 4 months on the advice of a healthcare professional after meals or feeding
• colouring and preservative free guarantee in accordance with infant food regulations
• in a fully recyclable ready-to-use dose

Physiolac Little Petit Drink Fennel & Lemon Balm is composed of extracts from fennel seeds and lemon balm leaves, traditionally recognised and used since antiquity, agave syrup and orange blossom. The mildness of agave syrup and orange blossom is very appreciated by infants and young children.

Quantity: 1 to 2 doses of 5 mL after meals or feeding
Format: 15 doses

Instructions for use:
Remove a dose.
Open the dose by turning the tip of the mouthpiece.

To consume pure :
Apply the drink directly to your child’s mouth.

To consume diluted :
Pour the drink into a bottle or a cup and add about 30 mL of water.

Aqueous extracts of fennel seeds [Foeniculum vulgare Mill.] and lemon balm leaves [Melissa officinalis L.] (93%); agave syrup; orange blossom hydrolat.
"In addition to milk, water is the only essential drink" and "Moving and playing is essential for your child’s development". www.mangerbouger.fr

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